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More and more insurance are offering their auto insurance, homeowners insurance, life insurance and health insurance plans directly to consumers online to reduce costs and increase efficiency. Although we are not affiliated with any insurance company in any way, we make it possible for consumers to obtain up to dozens of free online estimates. Whether it’s one of the nation’s largest insurers or a local company focused on doing business only in your state, you can get all kinds of high quality insurance coverage by using online resources like this website. With more insurance companies selling and servicing auto insurance online, home insurance, life insurance and health policies over the Internet, it only makes sense to take advantage of their generosity and find the best insurance value for you and your family.

Studies show consumers find using the Internet to be greatly preferable to conventional insurance shopping methods, such as culling through telephone listings and making multiple inquiries over the telephone and then needing to drive several miles to sign paperwork. Sites like this have eliminated the legwork and time involved in shopping for auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance and health insurance by enabling consumers to provide their information just once and then waiting for state-licensed and approved insurance professionals to contact them with their best rates. And with so many insurance companies utilizing the Internet to connect with their customers, it’s easier than ever to get quick, accurate quotes on high quality, low-priced insurance coverage.

While this site isn’t an insurance company and does not sell insurance, you can use our free and 100 percent secure quote tool to get quick, accurate estimates on your vehicle insurance, homeowners insurance quotes, life insurance and health insurance. Spending just a few moments providing only the information necessary to get accurate quotes on the insurance coverage you need could save you hundreds of dollars or more on your annual insurance bill. With this site you have the power of the Internet at your command to make insurance companies compete to earn and keep your business without leaving the comfort of your home or office.

Today, one company has leveraged the power of the internet and emerged as one of the fastest growing direct insurance providers online.  With more than 2.5 Milllion customers nationally and growing at a rapid fire pace by the day, our site is now a major auto insurance player.  This blazing growth can be attributed to a focus on two very important criteria: extremely competitive auto insurance rates and superior customer service.  The company has been able to offer lower rates than many larger competitors through cost advantages provided by the internet. This means there’s no expensive agents and no large bureaucratic management that of course eats away at the bottom line.  From the quote process to claim service, our website makes it easy to find and manage your policy from the comfort of your home.

Before the rise of the internet, the company was founded in 1958 in California by Louis Foster.  He immediately stressed competitive pricing and service to all his employees.  Many people not familiar with the company’s history do not realize that its first name was actually 20th century insurance and later the company was re-named 21 century to reflect of course the new millennium.  In the 1980s as the company grew, it began selling auto insurance policies in Arizona, Florida and 14 other states although it was not until the internet revolution that the company really began to experience its biggest growth.

During the mid 1990s the company was one of the first to offer quotes and service online.  As more and more people began shopping for insurance online, 21st century insurance grew at an amazing pace.  Through comprehensive marketing initiatives, they became an internet insurance juggernaut of sorts.  Although the company was getting quotes from every state, it could only sell insurance policies in the 15 states it was licensed in.  This all changed when AIG purchased 21st in 2005 and the company could then sell auto insurance online in all 50 states through the licensing structure of AIG.

After the merger, the company began to see even more explosive growth and really delivered an equal product to that of many larger competitors, but at a lower price.  As word of mouth spread, more and more people experienced for themselves the low, low online rates.  By early 2006, 21st century had more than 1.6 Million customers, many of whom bought their policy online.

After the financial crisis in 2009 and impending bankruptcy of AIG, the company was purchased at an extremely low valuation by Farmers Insurance.  In the last 3 years since the merger, 21st has added more than 1 Million customers and is growing at a faster rate than any other online auto insurance company today.

With rates that are nearly unbeatable and friendly helpful customer support, the future looks bright for the company.